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Welcome Earthlings!

The Rocket breaks the barriers of time and space to bring you some of the freshest, most outta this world dishes available in the solar system. Enjoy your old time Rocket favorites or sample something new, brought to you from the Alpha Centauri System. In this solar system and throughout the galaxy, The Rocket welcomes all, witnesses the word in all we do, and will be positive to all we serve. Since there's no gravity in space, you don't need to worry about weight... so check out our Neptune's Shakes and our Asteroid Belt Busters Desserts!

Main Menu


Ignition Wings

A pound of our classic seasoned chicken wings tossed in your choice of sauces

Rocket Fuel - Traditional Hot Wing Sauce | Blast Off - Chipotle BBQ | Full Honey Moon - Spicy Honey Stung Sauce | Terrestrial - Teriyaki Glaze | Moon Dust - Lemon Pepper
Half 6.29 | Full 11.29

Comet Of Shrooms

Portobella mushrooms strips, cut into strips, battered and fried
Half 4.29 | Full 7.99

Flying Saucers

Buttermilk soaked and space dusted fried green tomatoes, served with tangy buttermilk ranch dressing
Half 4.50 | Full 7.99

Saturn Onion Rings

Georgia’s Pride, thick cut sweet onions, buttermilk battered and golden fried. Served with our house-made buttermilk ranch
Half 4.29 | Full 7.50

Ares Spicy Fried Pickles

Out Of This World Specialty!
Texas Pete seasoned pickles, lightly floured and fried. Served with tangy buttermilk ranch dressing
Half 4.29 | Full 6.99

Way Out Waffle Fries

Sweet potato fries served with a salted caramel dipping sauce
Half 2.50 | Full 4.99

Cosmic Tots

Everyone’s favorite presentation of potatoes
Half 2.50 | Full 4.99
Topped with shredded cheddar cheese add 1.00
Chili and cheese add 1.99

6.99The Enterprise Quesadilla

Flour tortilla and cheddar cheese topped with Red Rocket salsa and sour cream
Add Chicken and Martian Mined Bacon 8.99

7.99Orbital Appetizer Platter

Fried green tomatoes, fried onion rings, Ares fried pickles


All Meteors are served with Zapps chips, tots, potato salad or fries
Substitute Saturn's Rings | Flying Saucers | Way Out Waffle Fries | Fruit Cup | Green Beans | Side Orion's Salad - 2.19

8.99The Lift Off Grilled Or Fried Chicken Sandwich

Marinated grilled chicken or dill marinated and fried chicken breast sandwich topped with lettuce, tomato, onions, melted cheese, served on a brioche bun

8.59The Discovery - Chicken Salad Sandwich

Our Vulcan chicken salad on your choice of Texas toast, wheat berry or sourdough with lettuce and ripe tomato

8.19BLT Terraformer

Country smoked thick sliced bacon with lettuce, vine ripe tomatoes and mayonnaise served on your choice of Texas toast, wheat berry or sourdough
Substitute Fried Green Tomatoes - 1.50

9.19Re-Entry Chicken Caesar Wrap

On your choice on spinach, tomato, or plain wrap, with grilled seasoned chicken breast, romaine, shaved parmesan and Caesar dressing

8.50The Challenger - Fried Chicken Tenders

Out Of This World Specialty!
Four hand breaded chicken tenders with “Spud”-Nik Taters and honey mustard or house-made ranch dipping sauce

9.50Ceres Chicken Club Panini

Grilled lunar chicken topped with bacon, cheddar and Venetian tangy buttermilk ranch, served on sourdough

10.50The Gemini Club

Sliced all natural smoked turkey, sliced ham and smoked bacon with lettuce, tomato, sweet onion and mayonnaise, served on your choice of Texas toast, wheat berry or sourdough

11.50The Jupiter Philly Cheesesteak

Out Of This World Specialty!
An eruption of shaved ribeye “Philly” steak, onions, peppers and mushrooms with provolone cheese served on a po’ boy hoagie roll

8.99Solar Eclipse Black Bean Burger

Out Of This World Specialty!
Our famous black bean cake, served with lettuce, tomato and salsa on a brioche bun


Salads are served with Captain Wafer’s crackers.
Dressings: House-made Ranch | Bleu Cheese | Classic Caesar | House-made Blackberry Balsamic | Balsamic Vinaigrette | Honey Mustard | House-made Blush Vinaigrette

Please Ask Your Server About The Soup Of The Day!

10.99Orion's Salad

A mix of Arcadian salad greens with grape tomatoes, cucumbers, cheese, olives and croutons

Included: Choose between grilled seasoned chicken | grilled shrimp | shaved ribeye steak
Add grilled 6 oz Norwegian salmon for - 2.99

9.00Vulcan Chicken Salad Plate

House cooked chicken diced and tossed with celery, sweet onion, egg and relish to make a special house chicken salad, served on a bed of Arcadian green with crackers

10.99Andromeda Chef's Salad

A galaxy of greens, turkey, ham, cheese, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, olives, croutons and bacon

Protein Chicken Or Shrimp Bowl

Grilled Chicken or Shrimp with sautéed mushrooms, peppers, onions and spinach
Chicken 10.95 | Shrimp 12.95

12.50Seasonal Meltdown Salad

A special salad that will feature fresh seasonal fruit, nuts, cheese, seasonal greens and other ingredients

Included: Choose between
Grilled Seasoned Chicken | Grilled Shrimp | Shaved Ribeye Steak
Add grilled 6 oz Norwegian salmon for - 2.99


All Cows in Space are served with Zapps chips, tots, potato salad or fries.
Substitute Saturn's Rings | Flying Saucers | Way Out Waffle Fries | Fruit Cup | Green Beans | Side Orion's Salad - 2.19
Add a fried egg
- add 1.99
Add Blue Cheese crumbles - add .50

The Rocket Burger

The name says it all, an Angus burger topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato and sweet onion on a brioche bun
5 oz - 8.19 | 8 oz - 9.50

When Pigs Fly - Super Bacon Burger

Out Of This World Specialty! 
3 oz of fresh country bacon diced and griddled then pressed into our Angus ground chuck, topped with cheddar cheese, crisp bacon and served on a toasted brioche bun
5 oz - 9.19 | 8 oz - 10.50

The Colossus Cow

Out Of This World Specialty!
4 oz of Prime Rib, griddled with onions and Swiss cheese then topped onto our Angus ground chuck, topped with more Swiss cheese, onions, savory demi-glace “Awesome Gravy”, served on a toasted brioche bun
5 oz - 10.50 | 8 oz - 12.95

Cows Over The Moon - Pimento Cheeseburger

Out Of This World Specialty! 
Our house-made wicked pimento cheese griddled and topped on our Rocket Burger, topped with our Ares pickles, served on Texas toast
5 oz - 9.19 | 8 oz - 10.50

Cow Boys In Space - BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger

Our Angus burger topped with smoked bacon, sautéed onions, cheddar cheese and our tangy BBQ sauce
5 oz - 9.19 | 8 oz - 10.50

10.50Area 51 Chorizo Cheeseburger - A Southwest Cheeseburger

3 oz of our chorizo sausage blended into 5 oz of our Rocket Burger, topped with spicy queso cheese and sautéed onions

Lost In Space Burger - Mushroom Onion Swiss Burger

Danger, danger!
Sautéed mushrooms and onions with melted Swiss cheese will send this Angus burger into an outer orbit experience
5 oz - 9.19 | 8 oz - 10.50

Galactic Patty Melt

Galaxy seasoned Angus burger with special space dust, grilled with sautéed onions, cheddar cheese on two pieces of Texas toast
5 oz - 9.19 | 8 oz - 10.5

Third Stage Burger

Our Of This World Specialty!
WARNING - may induce afterburn! Our juicy Angus patty smothered with sautéed jalapeno and sweet Vidalia onion, topped with pepper jack cheese and served on Texas toast
5 oz - 9.19 | 8 oz - 10.50

8.95The Full Honey Moon Bacon Turkey Burger

Seasoned turkey burger with Swiss cheese and our garlic honey moon sauce topped with bacon

35.00The Big Moon Burger - "The Rocket's Burger Challenge"

A jumbo 3 lb Bacon Rocket Burger with a whole pound of fries. Eat the whole burger and plate of fries and “earn” a $35 gift card
Comes with a T-shirt


Meals are served all day and with a Side Orion’s Salad

My Favorite Martian Pan Fried Chicken

Floured chicken breast, pan seared and braised, served smothered with mushrooms and pan gravy over mashed potatoes
One Chicken Breast 12.99 | Two Chicken Breasts 16.99

The Evil Captain Pork Chop

A smoked then grilled house special seasoned pork chop or chops, served over mashed potatoes. An outta this world discovery!
One Chop 14.99 | Two Chops 18.99

Lunar Eclipse

Grilled chicken breast topped with smoked bacon, green onions and melted cheddar cheese, served over Zatarain’s yellow rice with salsa and sour cream
One Chicken Breast - 12.99 | Two Chicken Breasts - 16.99


Grilled seasoned North Atlantic salmon served on fried green tomatoes and Zatarain’s yellow rice

20.99Salmon To The Sky - Salmon & Shrimp Pasta

North Atlantic parmesan crusted salmon and gulf shrimp served over pasta Alfredo

14.99Deep Space Chicken Mushroom And Spinach Pasta

Grilled chicken and pasta tossed with tomato, green onion, spinach, mushroom and feta crumbles in a light white wine cream sauce

14.99Rocket Creole Sausage & Chicken Pasta

An outer orbit experience! Diced chicken, Thor Curtis jalapeño cheddar sausage, red bell pepper, tomatoes and pasta tossed in a Zatarain’s Creole mustard infused cream sauce

Kids Menu


Kids 10 & Under
All Space Cadet meals are served with chips or fries
and a choice of milk | juice drink | fountain drink

6.99Space Cadet Booster Burger

Special Booster Burger beamed down to Space Cadet size

6.99Orbiting Chicken Nuggets

These All-Natural Chicken Tenders were sliced by Saturn’s Rings into the perfect nuggets size, for your Little Astronaut

5.99Pluto Puppy

Two Nathan’s Comet hot dog sliders

5.99R.U.D.I.'s Saucer

Cheese quesadilla

5.99Gooey Grilled Cheese

Melted cheddar on sourdough bread

Dessert Menu


5.99The Milky Way Peanut Butter Cup Blondie

A rich blonde brownie with peanut butter and chocolate topped with a payload of ice cream drizzled with a Milky Way of caramel and chocolate sauce

5.99The Black Hole, "Rocky Moon" Brownie

An outer orbit experience, a meteor sized rocky moon brownie with marshmallows and pralines, topped with a payload of ice cream, topped with a black hole of hot fudge

7.50The Big Dipper Fried Cheesecake

Out Of This World Specialty!
Rich creamy cheesecake batter rolled up in a flour tortilla then fried and tossed in cinnamon sugar. Topped with a vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce


Chocolate Exploration - Chocolate Shake

A deep space mining exploration, brought to earth an explosion of creamy chocolate perfection
Kids Size 3.29 | Full Size 4.99

The Rocket Payload Peanut Butter Overload Milkshake

An amazing combination of Butterfinger, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and peanut butter spun together to overload your taste buds. Purely Amazing!
Kids Size 3.59 | Full Size 6.50

Centauri Strawberry Shake

Strawberry shake deliciousness

Kids Size 3.29 | Full Size 4.99

Dark Side Of The Moon Oreo Shake

Out Of This World Specialty!
An Oreo flying saucer crashed into the dark fudge side of the moon. When we brought back the ship to earth, we discovered fudgy Oreo awesomeness
Kids Size 3.59 | Full Size 5.99

Venetian Vanilla Shake

A delicious comet of pure vanilla excellence
Kids Size 3.29 | Full Size 4.99

6.99Captain Curt Martian Key Lime Milkshake

Captain Curt I’m giving this milkshake all she’s got, Yes Captain,
I ’ll mix a key lime pie with ice cream and Beam it down to you

A "Terry-Estial" Salted Caramel Pretzel Shake

A comet of salted caramel struck a pretzel satellite. Simply a salty gooeeey caramel awesomeness
Kids Size 3.59 | Full Size 5.99

6.99Galactic Gracie Rocky Moon Shake

A milkshake flew into a comet of marshmallows, bounced into an asteroid field of pralines and crashed into brownie, then we spin this conglomeration into an outta this world shake

5.99Cinnamon Crunch

A beam me up Scotty error gone right, Scotty beamed up cinnamon bun and snickerdoodle cookies and they merged into one amazing crunchy, silky cinnamony shake

6.59Toffee Tastic Tailspin

A coffee toffee awesome milkshake

Georgia Peaches In Space

An outta of this world blended experience of peaches and good old fashioned ice cream
Kids Size 3.59 | Full Size 5.99

Advisory: The consumption of raw uncooked foods such as meat & fish, which may contain harmful bacteria, may cause serious illness.